Our “Robust” line is an enrichment for your garden. Use our gardening tips for carefree enjoyment of the characteristics of these exclusive garden plants all year round.

1. Make sure that the plants get enough water. After planting a plant from our “Robust” line, it is very important that it is given enough water, particularly throughout the first year. When planting a hedge, you can consider using a to drip hose equipped with a timer connected to your outside water tap.

2. Make sure that your plans have enough space to develop properly. Despite having attained there adult size, our “Robust” plants will still continue to grow. For optimum enjoyment of the characteristics of these plants, they will need plenty of space.

3. If the variety you have chosen is not fully winter-hardy, we recommend planting it somewhere sheltered. This will considerably reduce chances of frost damage in extreme winter weather.

4. A “Robust” plant is usually already quite large. When planting one of these plants in an area that is not sheltered from the wind, we recommend providing it with tree stakes or similar supports. Your plant or gardening centre will be able to advise you on this.

5. You will find more care tips on the accompanying plant label.