erste zweifarbige Sorte, winterhart

Hydrangea pan. ‘Pinky Winky’ is a middle-sized shrub which is hardy. This panicle hydrangea is beautiful in large or small gardens alike. They can be planted as a group along a border or as a focal point, for example with a nice low-growing under planting.
Hydrangea pan. “Pinky Winky” blooms lavishly on new wood and is therefore very easy to maintain in your garden. You can prune this plant every year and it will keep growing new blossoms.
This panicle hydrangea blooms at first in white and then turns into a beautiful fire red. The solid stems have a nice striking Burgundy colour.
You can also place the flowers of this shrub in a vase inside the house. This way, you bring the beautiful colours of your garden inside so that you get to enjoy this fantastic hydrangea even on a rainy day!
Also in the ‘’Robust’’ Assortment: Hydrangea pan. ‘Limelight’, a beautiful hydrangea with a lime-coloured lavish bloom. Go to assortment for more information on this beautiful shrub.